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Deadlift Compeition

May 7th - 385 Boston Post Road, Orange, Ct 06477




1. Show up as early as needed for you to warm up. The first competitor will start their first attempt at 12pm

2. When you show up we will have you fill out liability waivers, take your weight and your first attempt number. You will get 3 attempts.

3. Weights will be in kgs so please make sure to give us the proper kilogram weight you need. Plates go from 2.5 to 55kgs. The Texas deadlift bar weighs 45lbs so make sure to do your math properly.

4. After all 3 attempts are done we will take your heaviest weight, gender, and weight lifted and plug it into the to determine your wilks score! Whoever has the greater score wins!

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1st Place:

-1 Year membership to Arsen’s Gym with 24/7 access, guest privileges and multi gym access.

-An Arsen’s Gym Hoodie

2nd Place:

-A month pass to all locations

-An Arsen’s Gym hoodie

3rd Place:

An Arsen’s Gym Hoodie

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